Gen3 Ford Raptor Build

Does anyone have experience with a gen3 Ford Raptor with a GFC and loaded for overlanding? Specifically looking for info on spring upgrades for additional weight. I will be running GFC with loaded decked drawers plus all the other coolers and gear tossed in the back. Took me a bit to get gen2 dialed in. Any help appreciated

I have a gen1 so close but not apples to apples. I went with a custom spring pack from Deaver. I estimated that with the GFC plus my drawer build plus water and various other stuff that I’d be somewhere around 600 lbs and they made some springs for me. Everything feels really good, the truck sits level fully loaded and is still amazing offroad.

I had a Gen3 with a V2. Didn’t have a drawer system. Truck acted like nothing was there. When I had my Gen2, it had Deavers and Camburg stuff. But, it had a decked system, and Rig’d Ultra Swing, and all my gear. The Gen3 Raptor suspension is better. Try it out before doing anything crazy.

V2 275lbs
Decked 241lbs
Tools, floor jack, high lift jack….250lbs
200lbs other stuff…skid plate, Starlink, large cooler, camp chair

Eibach is making a stiffer rear spring that hopefully covers what I need. Looking to move on from my gen2