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Putting a pull handle on the inside of the tailgate was one of the most useful and easy upgrades I have done so far. I can make these paracord tailgate pull handles if anyone is interested. Custom length. Many of you probably already have a handle. If there is interest, I will try to keep these available in the shop. You can get all the info here or the video. Let me know what you think or if you would like me to add any colors. If you need something else custom made, let me know.

I’ve added a starter pack for the V2 in the shop. It includes lock covers, rail caps, and a paracord handle.


I forgot to ask…for all the Tacoma drivers, do you prefer the pull handle directly in the middle of the tailgate? Or offset to the side? I’m asking because on my buddy’s Taco there is 18” between the bolts on the tailgate if you want it centered. 9” between bolts if you offset it. I’m trying to gauge interest to see if I need to add an 18” handle.

Will this still work with a tailgate replacement such as a Mountain Hatch?

Hopefully this helps. I did a rough measurent. If you wanted the tie-down to lay flat in the recessed hole, it would need to be approximately 1.75 inches in diameter.

It doesn’t look like it will fit in the recess, but I don’t have one to check against. Maybe it could sit above the surface with a longer bolt and some washers?

Are you able to do custom length or would the 8 inch one work

Here is an orange one I made for a 7" bolt-to-bolt measurement. The black one is for 8" measurement. First photo just to show how high it arcs using close to your measurement. Second photo to show grip scale. It might get a little tight for a comfortable grab if it gets any smaller. I added 7" to the store just in case. If you are still leaning towards a different size, let me know and I can work with you on that.


These look great! What about handles for a 2020 Tundra? Also, anyone putting handles on the top GFC hatch?

Thank you! How far apart are the bolts on the 2020 Tundra tailgate?

13 3/4 between the center bolts

I have a 14" option in the store that should work.

Just placed my order for the handle and the lock covers. Also opted for the test. Thanks for making these great aftermarket products!

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Awesome thank you @gneale !

I had some left over 4/0 cable and loom and decided to create some handles. THey are insultaed, but I probably wont used them during a storm ;)…

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@senseidad Looks like a sturdy option. It’s like a handle that can also charge your batteries? My version shouldn’t attact any copper thieves :wink:. Just curious, what is that leftover from?

I set up a 2nd battery under the hood and ran 4/0 gauge back to the bed for dc outlets and USB Ports.I planned on an inverter, but then decided to get a solar generator (Bluetti EB70s) that I can charge off the 2nd battery. I know it’s a bit of an overkill but so are my handles…