Getting back in the game

So thinking of getting back in the game. My original plan was that I would travel in the winters and live out of it for that time 2-3 months. But I’m leaving my current place of employment and they have let me have those months off. I’m looking at a job now but need to work full time since I will be paying rent now. It will be used to camp on weekends and maybe a week long trip at the most. I’ve slept in the back a few nights and did well on the colder nights using the mattress I had in my van. I was pretty cold with a 0 degree bag and a camping pad that was r7 rated. I think going with a bed rug would help and using that matress. Will be doing another test run when I head out west. Just waiting on getting the offer letter from the new job. Did the topper get some updated locks and mounting brackets. Job would be in Utah.

What are you asking?
I think it would be tough to live in a GFC full time in the winter without significant mods (which can be done).

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I had a topper earlier this year and sold it after a month of having it. I thought it was small at the time for what my plans were. Those have changed and I think I’m trying to justify getting another one. I’ve looked at a slide in put the weight is what bothers me the most with my tacoma being a 4 banger.

Then you already know the deal. The GFC is a topper with a tent on top. You need a van or a different pickup!

I think I’ll be fine. I need to keep things light. The moonlander is another option too. Just need to wait for the offer on the job is all. Then i can make a decision. My shell i have now has worked well but i like the fit of the gfc better