Getting Financing for a GFC

Howdy all. Currently have a build slated for Novemeber (2200ish and havent had an update in a while, so unsure of actual time frame). My preference would be to not pay cash. Has anyone used a bank/institution to finance their camper? Or does anyone know of any places that will finance a GFC? I’ve done some initial searching but was wondering if anyone had suggestions. Thanks!

I personally would pay cash. You could however get a personal loan through a credit union but will pay higher interest. These do not have vins or manufacturer certificates of origins so probably tough to get a typical rv loan.


Yeah I’m not sure about traditional financing. But one potential option would be getting a new credit card that has a zero interest introductory period.

I did that before moving cross country once before having work lined up.

Maybe check, I’m seeing offers for no interest the first 18 months.

Cash is king. Pay cash. Get a side job or put in some extra work somewhere. Last thing you want is unnecessary debt. Even if you have to swap spots with someone for a later date. Campers are rad but not worth it if you have to cripple yourself financially.


i hate using credit cards but for any purchase above 100$ it goes on a have to be able to pay it off when the bill comes in though. some cards give you points or cash back but the biggest benefit is the extra protection if something goes wrong.using a card adds to the paper trail and documentation process too. ive had to dispute a few items over the years and the banks always helped me out. for me cash works only if they gave a steep discount and i wanted to roll the dice without the added protection then maybe… best of luck with what you decide!