GFC and Tailgate pad?

Hi there,

Looking into getting a GFC but wondering if anyone has any experience with running a tailgate pad with one. Does it interfere too much with the rear door? Or any hacks to make it work with the rear door? Or are you taking it on and off each time you use it?

If it makes a difference, i’m running a rather thin Fox version.

Any insight is appreciated.

I have a 2nd gen taco and a Thule tailgate pad. Not sure how it will work with 3rd gen tailgate. I sometimes use the pad when running shuttles but recently got a 1up bike rack that I use more. I can still close the rear panel with the pad on however I do not leave it on all the time.

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I think you’ll run into issues closing the rear door on a 3rd Gen.

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Nice rig! Looks like i might have to devise some sort of quick release for my tailgate pad to take it on and off each time as @2ayne photo really shows how little room there is.

Or might need to get a northshore rack for the shuttles!

Is there any way to lock the rear hatch shimmed open 1-2"?

You might be able to do something with some straps from the inside. If you are used to having your tailgate pad on all the time that will probably change with a GFC.

That seal is so much sexier than mine

For what it’s worth the seal on my 3rd gen leaves about an 1/8 inch gap… my seal is nowhere near as good as 2ayne’s…

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Same, I have “lumpy” spots on this new seal. My original seal was better, but I think they changed the rubber composition on the flap seal. It’s much stiffer now

Mine does not leave a gap, but it’s not a tight as 2ayne’s, either.