GFC Awning Installs

I’m Looking for awning install experiences?

what are you looking for? i did mine my self

I’m interested to know which brackets work best for a 270 awning in relation to a V2 and which 270 awnings are substantial 23zero, OVS, bushwakka, etc. Opinions?

I have a Freespirit Recreation 270 awning that I will be installing next weekend with brackets made by @jedgar specific to the FSR 270

I bought mine from Reign Outdoors. Met the guy up and Jersey and he helped me put it on my truck. Super nice guy, who figured out how to have them made in China and shipped over. Great quality. I like it better because it covers the entire tailgate area and not just a portion of it like the others. Here is a link of a video of what I got.

I’m avoiding the Chinese variants, call me a protectionist, but I’ll pay the fee for US or Canadian made products. It’s about the workers who build them for me. GFC pays fair wages and has decent benefits. Maybe GFC can design and craft and produce a 270 awning?