GFC beef bars worth it or better to go aftermarket?

Wondering if the beef bars are worth getting or whether there are other options? That are more versatile. Would be for surfboards, thule storage and snowboards depending on the season. Thanks in advance.

@jedgar does/did sell an aluminum extrusion rack and some Yakima rack adapters. I couldn’t find em on his websites but I’m sure he’ll chime in :slight_smile:

Thanks @Buhlockaye I have had to cut back on some products so I am not currently doing the rack system.

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I have Yakima HD bars with some L-brackets. You can trime them to size but a small fits perfectly and they are pretty versatile.

Sounds great. Do you have a pic or link to the L-bracket so I fully understand how you set this up?

Here’s a pic. Honestly I got heavy duty shelf brackets from Amazon. They hold more than enough weight each.

Orbeto Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket (6 inch-6 Pack) with (1/4”-Thick) Metal Black, Holds 160+lb, Powder Coated, Complete Mounting Hardware, Easy Install

And they are attached like so.