Gfc camper for tacoma for sale

Unit 459. $7500. Will negotiate potential delivery.
Located in Salt Lake City![image|666x500]
Kinsmen Hardware 270 degree awning
2 Beef Bars
Wind Skid
8’ ladder

(upload://zOIoPbw6clczOnT7wxuBDHU93y9.jpeg) Uploading: 9632B478-86D0-474E-90AE-4013F11F397E.jpeg…

If you have any interest in selling the awning separately please shoot me a dm. I’ll be driving through SLC on July 1st or 2nd

Is this a Gen 1 or 2?

The camper? Gen 1. The best way to tell from a distance is the gas struts to open the top are on the outside.

Shot you an email yesterday, but I am interested!