GFC Camper Installation Prep

My camper is getting closer to completion. I will be picking it up in Belgrade.

How much lead time does GFC give you? Is it “camper is ready, come get it” … Trying to keep my next few weekends free, so I can get it as soon as it’s ready.

Also, I assume I should remove any Tonneau cover before going up.


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I’m curious about the same, I’m 733 And thought I would be heading that direction in the next week or so but I have been in Assembly. Stoked for those getting close.
I plan to do the bed rails this week and have some tailgate seal material on order. That’s my prep for now. Curious if I need to worry about anything else?

As of right now, they do not have weekend installations. They are only scheduling a few installations per week just so you know. You will get the link to the calendar to schedule yours once it is completed.

GFC doesn’t given you any type of lead time. You just randomly receive an email stating that it is ready.


Definitely remove the tonneau cover. If it is a factory tonneau cover and you are going to sell it, I recommend swapping bed rails with the buyer. Otherwise they have to cut their bed rails for the tonneau to work and removing your bed rails post gfc install is not going to be quick and easy like before.

Seal any bed rails and corners before install. Those are tough to impossible to do post install without removing the gfc.

Tailgate seal can be done post install just as easily but doesn’t hurt to do first.


Thanks for the response. Can you expand on the bedrail/corner and tailgate seal? Sorry for the newbie question…

The GFC sits on top of the bed rails. The easiest way to seal the bed rails is to remove them and seal with tape and or silicon underneath before putting them back on. The bed rails can be pealed off with no tools since there are just plastic clips holding them on, at least on some gens. Once the gfc is on you have to remove the gfc to remove the bed rails.

The front corners have a big gap that can let rain or water in. The easiest way to seal it is from above when you can see into the gap.

I sealed my bed rails before gfc install. I did not seal the front corners and it was a pain to do after the fact.

The tail gate seal can be done after gfc install just as easily as before. You don’t need to remove anything. The tailgate seal goes around the sides and bottom of the tailgate.

I don’t have any good pictures. Someone else might. Hope it helps clear things up.

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Does anyone have specific sealing advice for Gladiator application? The front to side sections have a pretty big difference in height. The side to tailgate seems fairly level. Does anything need to be done before making the trip for installation? I have the Mopar factory tonneau and it does not leak. I don’t expect the GFC to be waterproof, but would like to prevent water from the truck camper rails if possible. Thx