GFC camper Option ideas

For those of you who are selecting your options what are they?
I know of:
-the side door
-paint color options

Any others? I haven’t seen a list of options on the website.

That’s all I had, windows(front, rear both or none), frame color, panel color, and tent side door. Plenty of accessories to add though.

Did you have the option to have them install the lights the used to put in?

They no longer offer the lights

I actually read in another thread GFC said they are working on a more “robust” LED install option to be released in a few months back in Oct.

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That’s awesome to hear. I really like the camper that GFC has created here and being a new company it has so much room to grow into. I can imagine we will be seeing a few more options to hit the list in the near future. What are some options you’d guys/gal like to see?

Me for one, I’d really like the option to put the added tent door on the opposite side. This will allow me to retain my current DS set up and be able to use the side door as an entry/exit.