GFC camper question

So I was able to find a v1 gfc camper that is on a 2018 Tacoma. I asked the person if the camper was made for a gen 2 or 3 Tacoma since his wording seemed a little off on the add. And he said it fits 2008 - current. Is this true? Does GFC make different campers for the v2 and v3? Or r they interchangeable? If they have different dimensions what problems could I come across if I put a gen 2 camper on a gen 3 ? Thanks!

I believe the tacoma truck beds and camper dimensions are the same for all three gens. If this is incorrect, others will chime in, I feel certain.


Appreciate the reply! Looking forward to figuring it out :+1:

V1 GFC for a tacoma will fit gen 2 and 3 Tacoma’s.

V2 GFC has specific models for gen 2 and gen 3

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Just to make this official, the V1 is interchangeable across Gen 1, 2 and 3 Tacos. However, a V2 camper will need a rear panel swap prior to installation or you’ll be left with a ‘wonky’ fit.


Ha! Got it. My response is coming from a V1 owner. Glad you all clarified.



Appreciate the reply!

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