GFC Customer Service!

I know it has been said before, but I am extremely impressed with GFC customer service. They are quick to reply to questions or concerns and truly stand by their product!

In my experience, it is extremely rare these days to find businesses like GFC!


Agreed. Heard different stories with other companies in the same line of work.

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If they didn’t have such a great response, I would have moved on 2 years ago.

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So to be clear, your expectation of good customer service is simply that they are availible 24/7 365? (Including holiday weekends like this one)

Not sure what time you enailed, but perhaos consider business hours.

Honestly this is exactly why i like GFC, they seem to have great customer service and great peoducts but they also seem to respect their enployees.
It is exactly the 24/7 access mentality that causes so much to be sent overseas.

Down right devestated for you that you jabe to wait a few hours or days to re-schedule the instal of your luxury good.
The world is truly a dark place.


Give them a chance to get back to you. I feel certain that they will take care of you.


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@Mike-Len Hi Mike! Our production scheduler works Monday-Thursday. It looks like she got back to you this morning and you are in the process of being rescheduled. Safe travels and we’ll see you in June!


You are right. And I owe an explanation. I may have written that post while I was just a little bit tipsy :joy:. I chose a GFC due to all the great things I have heard about their products and their customer service, and the fact that everything is U.S. made. I apologize for ranting after have a couple of drinks. Lesson Learned.


Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to it! You all are awesome.


:rofl: love this… may be the first ever honest internet apology ahaha.

So I will reciprocate, my phrasing, perhaps, could have been more gentle and a little less “attacking” in nature. For that I too apologize!

… look the internet can be a good place!! it must all be GFC!


…know we’ve all been there.
The GFC crew are real good folks, they are also working on so many different topics to keep us all entertained and happy. Props @Mike-Len :grin::grin::rofl:


Got my camper installed back in October of 2022. Noticed an issue after the installation and they promptly corrected it. Also one of the guys came down and noticed the rear panel fitment was poor with too too big of a gap. Said they’ll take care of it and redesigned the panel that fits my truck correctly since my truck was an odd ball. Sent in a service request afterwards. They redesigned the panel and shipped it to me complete with new latches, seals and glass installed ready to go. If any of you guys know, the panels are NOT cheap if you had to buy a replacement one. Props to them for taking care of it and standing behind their product even if it was expensive.