GFC Event Today? (June 24th)

Someone told me there was a GFC event today in Texas at Comal Truck Gear. I tried to look all over for information on it and can’t find any. It’s not on the GFC event calendar. No event on the GFC Facebook page nor an IG post about it. Nothing on the Comal Facebook page. How are these events communicated? Most businesses seem to be blasting events all over their Facebook and IG weeks and sometimes even months leading up to them to get people to know about them, but I’m struggling to find anything about the event that took place today. Does GFC not care if people come out to them? Would have loved to throw the SL on the rack and come out.

Stop listening to the “I heard” !! For upcoming events go to. The under community. You will find the section. On upcoming events. If the event is not listed there and you still wish to confirm the “I heard”, call them.

Mate, don’t mean to be rude, but if I’m not informed about the event in the first place how am I suppose to know to call them? The event isn’t listed on the event calendar on the website, as I said. However, there was an event yesterday. I think marketing just needs to do a better job on advertising events. Like I said, a lot of companies these days are blasting them all over social medias to get the word out. It’s been radio silence on this one though for some reason.

Subscribe to the GFC emails. They regularly send things out including events throughout the US.

Thanks, I have purposely unsubscribed from the list because I have a Superlite and most of the emails were about bed campers and didn’t pertain to me. I like to keep my email as clean as possible, but it’s somewhat boggling to me that they have an event calendar but don’t put all the events on it. Let alone don’t make Facebook events or something on their social media accounts about these things.

If you use Instagram, they post events to their Stories and sometimes to posts.

I know not everybody uses Instagram or follows @gfc_usa , but it’s another way to get information. I know I saw several notifications there for Comal. This one is still up as I write this.

I got an email two weeks before the event. It specifically said in the email “if you are BCC’d on this email then that means you selected Texas as your home location when your purchased your unit” inviting me out to the event. I do get news regarding products and such like that, but I have never once gotten “spam” from GFC, so I’m not really sure what the concern is there? It’s not like they are going to be emailing you daily. I get like, one email every 90 days, IF that. It’s normally an announcement like a new partner location or a product, or an event. Those are things I like to see anyway.

Hey @theindiearrmy - Apologies that wasn’t listed on our events page, it looks like only the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky was listed. The event at Comal Truck in New Braunfels, TX was a bit last minute, but we did focus on sharing info via social media in this case.

We also did a pig push via our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. We’re human and sometimes miss an update when things get real busy (adding that to the site is on me, so I’ve slapped my wrist on this one.).

However, if you’re ever in need of some info, as few others have pointed out, we’re very available if you give us a call or message us on IG. While that doesn’t help out in this instance, we’ll use this feedback to make sure we maximize awareness for upcoming events. Thanks!

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