GFC for first gen tundra AC - DC

Looking to put down my deposit before the end of the year I just have a question or two. My current truck is a first gen tundra access cab however I would be interested in moving up to a first gen tundra double cab at some point. The bed dimensions are close but not quite the same. Can anyone out there tell me if a gofast camper built for an access cab will fit properly on a double cab.

Travis, honestly we could provide you with a response but ultimately GFC engineers will build the camper for you and they have crunched the numbers for a precise product fit. Give them a call or send them an email. Best of luck!

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Heya Dirtroad,

Full disclosure I have not yet received my camper build BUT I have a first-gen AC as well (woot! first gen is the best haha)… I did a ton of research on this and although the bed dimensions are very close it seems the bed dimensions are slightly different between AC and DC and so your GFC will not fit the same. Although it may be close, I would not recommend it. Either stick with the AC (like a baller) or order your GFC for the DC.

Happy to answer any other first-gen questions that I can as there are only a handful of us with First Gen AC’s who have or are waiting on delivery of a GFC. Feel free to DM me.


Thanks for your input man. I agree I love the AC and know it is the better platform for an off-road adventure truck. However my lil daughter’s legs are not agreeing with us haha.

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I hear ya! that is why I bred a hobbit. So I can keep the truck! (My boy is more of a compact build haha)


I like you dude one day maybe I’ll see you on the trail share a road beer

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