GFC FOR RAM 6.5' Bed For Sale

Sold my RAM and bought a FORD F150 Powerboost. Hope I don’t regret that. Ordering a new GFC for the Ford. I am selling this one. One owner, solar, windows, 2 side doors in the tent, Xped Megamat and a ladder. Updated hinges. Everything is great shape. I have $8,750.00 into the Camper. Sell for $7,500.00. I do have the DECKED system ($1,000.00) and the ARB Frig Freezer with sliding rack and insulated cover ($750.00) f

or sale separately. Located in Colorado Springs,CO. Call Bill (719)659-6144. This fits all RAM1500/2500’s form 2003 through 2021.


Did the same thing here - sold my 2019 RAM 1500 for a Powerboost. Had it for about 3 months so far and zero regrets.


Great looking truck. A few questions for you. Did the Powerboost take a hit on MPG? If so how many MPG? Did you do anything to the suspension?

This is still available 12/4/21.

Hi wondering if this still available?..