GFC for sale - 1st Gen Tundra access cab

GFC #582 for sale

Built for 1st generation Tundra access cab
Gray panels
Gray frame
Front and rear windows


Located in Rapid City, SD…delivery possible for small fee


Oh man I was hoping this would come along. I may reach out to you tonight next day or two.

So looking at the leader board you must have just gotten this camper?
Could you tell me what options it has? Does it have the newer tent fabric and 2’ this mattress?
Does it have the updated aluminum cross bars and the newer sealing. If I understand properly the new sealing can help the hinges no develop stress cracks.

Picked the camper up last week, and due to unexpected life events I’m now favoring the sale.

Options: Gray panels, gray frame, front and rear windows.
Yes to fabric, mattress, aluminum cross bars and sealing.

Ok this came up a bit unexpectedly but I’m going to try and make it happen.
I will be back in touch. So I live pretty close to Jackson Wy. What were you thinking on a
delivery fee? Potentially open to meeting halfway like Casper? Would 2 guys be able to mount that thing up on the road?

Still for sale? Let me know if it is


Yes, still available.

Might be a dumb question but would this fit on a long bed 2nd gen tacoma?

Pm’d Earlier. Highly interested and could put down a deposit.

Is this still available?

Update: - Sale pending -

Interested if the sale doesn’t go through. Not positive if it’ll fit my truck which is a 1st gen Tacoma, but I think it’s similar 6 ft bed.