GFC for Tacoma long bed

Pending Sale

Trading truck in as deals on Tundras are too good to pass up. I believe it will fit all long bed Tacomas. Hinges have not been retrofitted but will be once the PIT route commences. Hinges look pretty good except the rear which has a crack on one end. Been like this for over a year now.

Located in San Jose, CA. Have access to forklift so transfer can be done with 2 people. I recommend getting your own new bulb seals which amazon has.

GFC Build #54
Black panels with front and rear windows
Gray frame
3" mattress

Accessories included
GFC Awning mounts
GFC Crossbar Rack mounts (the one for yakima crossbars)
GFC Red fitted sheets
Generic bungee cargo net
Tie down anchors
ARB 2500x2500 awning Tan
ARB Deluxe room with floor


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PM sent to you Thanks Chuck

I’m new to the forum. Not sure how to PM but I’m interested.

I am ready to buy. How can we be sure it would fit a LB Tacoma 2019

Call or text me 801-668-3288 if its still available.


I Can’t believe I asked that question. That is a Taco Long bed. Is it 2016 or newer?

I’m sure I’m way behind on the list of potential buyers but highly interested and in California. I’m new to forum so unable to direct message.

Is this still available?

Has not sold yet but someone is coming over the weekend to check it out.

Where are you located? Pretty good condition?

If the sale falls through I am interested.


Did it sell yet? I am interested and in California

Oh yeah sorry it sold a while back