GFC in Hot and Humid Weather

Has anyone removed the RTT material from the camper when not in use? I live in a very humid and hot area. So I am thinking about simply removing the tent material from the camper during the summer months as summer camping is too brutal. I am concerned that if I don’t remove it, the RTT material will not have enough ventilation given the weather conditions and could develop mold on the material. Any thoughts?

I could store the camper in the garage. But I would have to take it off my truck as my truck won’t fit in the garage. So I didn’t know which would be better: take the camper off the truck, or simply remove the tent material.

I’m in N-Texas, and it’s been pretty warm and wet lately… haven’t noticed any signs of moisture on the fabric but do get the buildup in the channel by the drain holes. I just make it a point to wipe down the channel once a month… I’m not going to bother with the removal of the material as I use it every other week or so… but I think in your case removing the fabric would be easy,


I wouldn’t consider fabric removal a necessity, but removing my old v1 tent and installing the v2 tent took about 30 minutes at most.