GFC install in Belgrade, MT home to Portland, OR

Quick little trip report here. I got my V2 GFC installed Saturday morning 2/5 bright and early. I was on the road heading toward home by 9:15 or so. Super quick install and friendly folk at GFC. I took I-90 West to Missoula where I then headed over Lolo pass into Idaho. I spent my first night in the camper just outside Orofino, ID along the Clearwater river. Sunday took me the rest of the way home through some beautiful rolling farmland and many miles alongside the Columbia River.

I’ve got a few things on the “right away” list for the camper but mostly I’m just looking forward to some warmer temps and getting out in it this Spring. Pics of my inaugural trip below:


Nice! Did the same trip in Nov for a Superlite & will be heading there soon for my V2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Man you took the long way. But a great trip I’m sure. Did the same from Portland to Belgrade last month.

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Yeah I took the direct route on the way there for sure, I wanted the scenic route going back home so a little bit of added time was worth it.

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Yea for sure. My favorite part of Oregon is actually in that souther section. Can’t wait to take my family back to the steen region.


My first (so far) big planned trip with the GFC will be down to the Moab area in April. On the route home I’m planning to come back through the Alvord Desert/Steens Mountain area and spend a night there. Amazing geography relatively close to home!

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I am leaving tomorrow morning from Santa Cruz, CA for my Friday morning Install. Doing the direct route outbound and then returning through Idaho, Washington, Northern and Central Oregon and then making my way to the coast for the last leg home.


Nice man! Sounds like a great trip!

Nice. Just wondering, who made your rear bumper. Thanks.

It was on the truck when I bought it and I don’t see any identifying markings. I think it might be CBI but not completely sure. Not sure where you are located but I will be selling it this year as I have a high clearance rear bumper I’ll be welding up and installing.

I’m in Carson City, Nv. Is yours a 3rd get Tacoma?

2nd gen, 2006 to be specific.

Thanks for the info.

With you there on the travel plan… I pick up at end of April; boring freeway to it from Wisconsin. But planning to come back on SE tack through the mountains. An amazing country we live and camp in!

I’d be interested in that bumper if the other fella doesn’t want it. I have a second gen and am in Portland.

:+1: I’ll DM you and we can talk details.

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Would you mind sharing your route back? I’m making the exact trek to/from Portland. I’ll be stopping in Missoula on my way back and then will have a Saturday/Sunday to get home from Missoula. I was thinking about taking the long way as well.

Sure thing. I went South from Missoula and over Lolo pass into Idaho. Top notch scenery. I then went through Lewiston, ID. Headed to Walla Walla from there and down to Highway 84 taking me back to Portland.


Where did you end up staying/camping after Missoula going over Lolo pass? I am staying in Missoula day of my install and then camping one night before returning to Portland. Any recommendations would be great!

I stayed in Orofino, ID. I had a morning install and headed out after that, so somewhere around 10AM. I was hoping to find something off the beaten path but ended up camping at the Pink House Recreation Site just off the highway.

Orofino just kind of made sense for me based on my timing. If I was staying in Missoula and that was my starting point for the day I would definitely want to go further.

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