GFC Interior Tease

GFC has teased/hinted that they are thinking about “interiors” on multiple occasions over the last month or two.

Anybody know what this is about? Are they talking full build outs for the beds a la Goose Gear or something else?


That would be interesting seeing as the entire deal with GFC is the fact that the camper is light and allows you to use the bed of the truck as a truck when needed I would be curious to see what lightweight modular options GFC can offer.

My mind went to insulated tent interiors. Not many people seem to be doing that with rooftop tents which is a bit surprising to me.

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Yep, had that thought as well. Before my GFC I had an iKamper and their winter insulation kit to go along with it.

I would 100% buy into that something like that would be a big ticket item especially with all these people trying to winter camp.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time maybe this will happen soon.


Down for a ready-built insulation kit. I’ve been contemplating quick apply panels for the XL I’m picking up next month. My first thought was a “down” fabric style with magnets to clamp onto the tent fabric so it can be applied as needed and stored easily when not in use.

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I just found this Tent Insulation - DIY Journey Post


my idea to solve the flapping is to install these long zipper pulls on the zippers BJA Durable Zipper Pulls Tag TPU Slider Pull Rope Zipper Pull Extension Repair for Jackets Pants Backpacks Luggage (Army Green-Set of 10 pcs) : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

and then loop them under a track installed hook from Lumbering Bear
LB Adventure Gear GFC T-Slot Hanger | Lumbering Bear Adven (

with some adjustment, I should be able to get the amount of tension I want on the bottom of the tent door or window flap in order to keep it taught.
It is untried at this point as I am still waiting on my camper. But it is what I am planning


Curious to hear how this works for you. The window flaps and zippers making noise in the wind is not a problem exclusive to winter camping.

I like this idea big time.

yeah, I get it.I think with this method you can determine how far down to zip the zipper if you want more ventilation. can always stick a pool noodle in there