GFC lead time accuracy

Morning fellow gfc’ers I have an install date of june 19th and my camper is in the 37xx range and has yet to move on the leader board. are install dates an accurate way to measure progress or should I stick to watching the leaderboard? thx in advance for any input.

The install date given to me (which was the beginning of April this year) never changed and was accurate.


Thank you, glad to hear it.

Keep in mind most of production takes place in a week or maybe two. You probably won’t see movement in the leaderboard until pretty close to your install date.


Lol I needed this hahaha my date is set, yet I wanna see movement. It really doesn’t matter anyway, because there is a date.


Wiley posted this on a thread about buying someone’s deposit (I think it’s informative here as well):


Their most recent IG video indicated that they pride themselves on NEVER missing an install date. If you dont see movement two weeks before your install date, I’d start to get concerned. In reality, it appears it only takes them a few days to move it through the manufacturing process.


Yeah I agree with what everyone else said and wouldn’t sweat it(easier said than done, trust me I know LOL). My install date is coming up on 5/22 and it just moved from “Pre Production” to “In Production” on the leaderboard about a week or two ago and has already made significant progress.

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Thanks everyone for the reassurances!!!