GFC Lead Times

On the Platform Camper lead time chart it lists Denver, CO with a delivery date of Oct 8th.

Is this Oct 8th 2024? Is this accurate? If yes to both, why so long?

I think lead times recently spiked with the Black Friday sale they put on and the impending price bump.

Black Friday sale backed them up.

Yup black Friday sales pushed them way out
I was ready to order mine was just lazy since i was already looking at an Aug 24 install to line up with a road trip we already had planned. I jumped on the sale early and could have had a late March or April install based on the lead times when the sale started. They went fast

Yea, total bummer. This was going to be my second GFC. I want to put the topper version on my new truck but a 10 month wait is a bit excessive considering payment is due up front now.

I’m not sure that I would’ve bought my gfc if it had a 10 month lead time.

While I understand lead times, I agree that is a long time to be out 10k with nothing to show.


Yep, a couple years back they took a small deposit and you only paid the total once the camper was about to go into production.

If they did that again I might be more amenable to another purchase.

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I don’t know if this helps but they do have availability in July in KCMO and you can finance at 0% for 18 months to keep the money in the bank until you pick it up.

Based on ballpark units being installed now and my install date/ build number… they’re installing about 11 campers per week. Seems low compared to what they’ve said in the past. They did sell a lot of campers on Black Friday, but they haven’t posted a Belgrade install for a month.

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They really slowed production down from ~40 campers a week or when I picked mine up.

10 months isn’t bad. I waited 18 months for mine.

Ouch, I don’t think I could wait that long. I’m scheduled for August and have been on the fence about cancelling.

I read somewhere they were doing that many at one time. I wonder what happened.

Yea I only waited 1 month for mine last October.

Same here.

Well on SP’s site it’s 10 days for you Tacoma people

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I think I waited three months but then had to bump it back because of work so in reality I “waited” 5 months back in May of 2022. I ordered in December of 2021

Picked mine up today. Less than 30 days of wait time.


Congrats on the pick up. From what I saw in person the SP seemed more “commercial” grade in terms of build quality than the GFC which is more “race car” but I believe it’s the same but different type of product geared toward two different crowds. Let us know how your experience is with it.

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I was wondering what you were switching to since I saw you gfc for sale. When’s the new vid going up?