GFC mattress measurements

Any one have the measurements handy of the individual GFC mattress sections? I want to make some covers before i pick up my camper in June.


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The sleeping area is 50" x 90"

This thread includes measurements for the standard camper:

Bottom line, for the standard camper:
25x25x3" (times two)


Thanks for this, I misread the initial question.

Thx for the responses :heart:

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I followed this video. Worked really well. Plus I love her accent:)




Now I just need to sew one for the exped which is what we actually sleep on;)

Nice!! Love the colors!!!

My idea is to make 4 giant “pillowcases”….i think :thinking:

That would be easier for sure. But the elastic really isn’t hard once you get going. Figure out the first one and the rest are easy. Saves you on fabric.

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This is what customer service sent me back in 2019

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Looks good, Phil! We might be hiring :wink:


@the_philxx you remind me of Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man when he came out of CryptoPrison having learned all these skills he didn’t have before he went in… one of them was knitting and sewing… You are on fire!!! keep it up!

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I don’t see handles on the small square pieces in any of the pics in this thread. Are you guys just making sheets that cover the handles, or did you include some access points to still be able to use them? Just curious because I don’t have a ladder yet, and still use the modular floor to crawl in and out…

I think most people cover the handles on the padded side. You can still use the handles from underneath to pull the squares into position after climbing down. It’s how GFC’s own sheets are as well.

Here’s a good example of the GFC sheets modified to have holes for the handles.

Were you able to find fabric to fit the large fixed cushion? I’m stuck with a 44inch piece.