Fitted Sheets Dimesions

So since GFC is having supply problems and I would like fitted sheets… can anybody give me dimensions for all the cushions for standard size? My beloved mother-in-law loves sewing projects because it keeps her “mind busy”. I still have a couple months until my camper is finished but they would awesome for the inaugural camp

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Here are the dimensions for making a set of sheets


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thank you. the 25x25x3" size is two cushions correct?

I would guess to say yes as they are the smaller ones.

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Just a suggestion but if you want to add any memory foam on top of the current mattress I would recommend holding off on making your custom sheets to fit around all of it. Also getting the hole where the handle pokes out through.

I already found a good closeup picture on here with the handles. I read through the mattress thread and I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. thinking probably just replacing the foam with something softer. Both wife and I prefer a little firmer so who knows. she would be happy sleeping on plywood…that is only half sarcasm. thank you for the input. it’s appreciated

I would wait until you have it. I love the the firmness of the mattress.


Did you or anyone else in this thread ever end up making your own sheets? Looking to do so myself, just trying to figure out the best way. (i.e. elastic, velcro, what worked what didn’t?)

my build got pushed back to may/june so it’s been put off until I actually posses the camper… build keeps getting moved up and back and up and back… really starting feel like this whole thing is a scam


Yes, it is a complete scam and all 1000+ people who got campers are in on it


:joy: Some people are just babies.

somebody who understands sarcasm