GFC Meetup in Missoula

What’s up Missoula, Bozeman & Northern Idaho peeps!

Want to put a feeler out for anyone wanting to meet-up/camp in Missoula area over Memorial Day weekend (May 27 to 28th).

The plan currently: Meet up somewhere in Missoula early afternoon on May 27th to hang out and meet with people. Later in the afternoon, those who want to, then proceed up to St. Regis (subject to change depending on number of rigs) to hang out and camp that night.

*If you you have questions, suggestions or just interested, lemme know below! *

List of people going


Will be a GOOD time

Interested, possibly in the area at the time. I should know in a couple days where I’ll be then.

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I’ll be starting the day with an early coffee run followed by som mountain biking at Marshall or Blue Mountain. Anyone is welcome to join that prior to the afternoon meetup, so nows your chance to get that cardio ready, haha.

Really looking forward to this one!


I may be interested in making the trip over from Spokane. May even drag my raft over for those that interested in some fishing.


@SamuraiFisherman Sounds great! We are hoping to camp at the spot in the photo above and some of us will be fishing as well. Let us know if you decide to make the trek over and hope to see you there!

Quick little update for anyone planning on attending or interested…

We will be meeting at “Big Sky Brewing” in Missoula at 2pm May 27th. Anyone who wants to just hang is more than welcome and can stay as long as you want. We will be planning on heading out around 3pm in order to get to the campground with adequate time.

Hope to see some of y’all there!


Just wanted to put this feeler up.

Will you be coming to the meetup?

  • Yes
  • tentative
  • No

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Also, will you be camping?

  • Going to camp
  • Just the meet

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For anyone that is/was interested; due to the smoke from Canada, we will be postponing the meet. I will re-update the thread with another date and location in the near future!

What smoke?

@Average_joe There was a lot of smoke that had rolled in last week from a fire up in Canada. Air quality was very bad (~150+ index) and we weren’t sure how long I’d stick around so figured I’d be best to reschedule.

But fear not, there is already a plan in the work’s for the meet next month (June). We will post an update as soon as we have a date dialed in. Stay tuned!

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