GFC Messing Up

I have a 3rd gen Tacoma and bought a used GFC a few months ago off of someone with a 2nd gen Tacoma. After emailing with GFC, I was informed I would just need to purchase a replacement rear panel to make it fit. I gave them the go ahead but never received an invoice. I reached out to GFC engineering again with the following:

“I have a 3rd gen short bed Tacoma and I am purchasing a GFC from someone with a 2nd gen short bed Tacoma. I would like to order a replacement rear panel with no window.”

I gave them my VIN and the camper # and I placed an order for $950 including shipping. I received the panel a month later and it is the SAME panel that I already had. They made a replacement panel for a 2nd Gen Tacoma. They have now not responded after I have emailed them on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This is absolutely absurd customer service. I was holding off on posting but I am not sure how else to get their attention.

Im sorry you have had a hard time getting good customer service. They are usually really good. You could try calling them. I usually do that and have had good results. (406) 303-5181.

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They should have no problem sending you the correct panel as they will just use the one they sent you anyway.

I agree, calling is the best bet for a quick resolution. Keep in mind, it’s only been two business days since your email, and someone could be out sick or on vacation.

I have assumed that they would be able to make it right, but it does suck to be stuck in limbo after the company made a mistake on a very expensive product. Someone should be able to look at all the support emails every day, even if it has to be the owner. Or if they have to talk to people to figure out the resolution, at least give me a reply that lets me know I am not getting ghosted. I will try calling, thanks for the input.

Words matter. You asked for a replacement panel in the context of buying a used 2nd gen Tacoma GFC. And that’s exactly what you received. I’d say there’s a little bit of shared responsibility for the mix up. It’ll get sorted out.

That is true. I am willing to take some responsibility. But I had already gone back and forth with another support person and this assumes the person responding doesn’t know the 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen have different rear panels. Or else you think that would come up as a question.

They just called me to tell me they had an expedited replacement panel in the queue. They said their support team has been struggling to keep up and was very apologetic. Hate to be an alarmist but it was causing me some stress. Thanks to GFC and glad it got sorted.

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to address this thread. A build record was not changed with the truck year when entering the new customer information to the record. The new (correct) panel is being expedited through our production process. Though we strive for perfection, we are not perfect. We are, however, forever active in the pursuit of perfection. As this situation has been dealt with, I will be closing this thread.

Happy camping!