GFC Mobile App

Any hope to get an iOS and Android GFC forum app? Would be cool to have one, and include some cool features. Maybe most people won’t care, but for mobile users, I think it would be rad.


This forum is hosted on Discourse and they don’t have an official mobile app because the website is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

I think there’s a 3rd party app available for iOS and Android called Discourse Hub but it’s probably not much more than an embedded web view.

You can always add a shortcut to the forum to your Home Screen and then it sort of feels like an app:


Thanks, for the feedback! I appreciate that.

I appologize i thought it was an app but ends up i just did what @kherron suggested. I have a button on the ol smart phone that just takes me here…

It works really well when you work it that way. Have a button on the phone and is easily accessible.

I use this chat site often, but am pretty slow when it comes to tech. Put me on a set or skis or something with 2 wheels and that seems to be where I’m more comfortable. Lmfao.