GFC new locations

SO cool to see this! Email from just a few min ago:

GFC is excited to announce that we’re opening four new locations. Three are in California: in San Diego, Orange, and Sacramento. Another is in Denver, Colorado. These spots will serve as installation facilities, service centers, showrooms, and event spaces.

Always wanted to buy one of our rooftop tents, campers, cargo racks, or pickup bed toppers, but don’t want to drive to Montana to pick it up? This is for you. Want to see one of those doohickeys in person before you pull the trigger? These places are for you too. Need something serviced or repaired? You’ll be able to get that done in these spots.

Buying a new product? Just select the location where you want to pick it up when you check out. Orders placed this year will be shipped and installed at no additional fee.

If you’re not near one of these locations, we’re still here for you. You are always welcome to visit us at our Montana headquarters, or opt for our convenient White Glove Delivery program, where we deliver the product and install it in your driveway.

Stoked? Us too,

Team GFC


Quicker than good ole Quick Draw McGraw, @AERONAUT! If anyone from the forum has questions, feel free to lay em on us.


Honestly, this is incredible news. Truly happy for them as it shows growth in key markets. Job well done! The tent is a game changer and love its functionality.

Funny enough though, I’ve been having certain issues with mine I want serviced and last week submitted a ticket and was told to come to Bozeman when I had time. I actually specifically asked if I could go to a location close to my house with a shop I knew had connections with them and haven’t heard back yet since last week but then just saw the same email and replied asking.

This would be lovely for those of us out west that are closer, but not close enough where it doesn’t warrant out of pocket costs and multiple days off work to drive to Bozeman.

Again kudos for the expansion in the marketplace.



had to share the love :kissing_heart: Great work up there my friends!

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Apologies for the slight delay! We’ve been holding onto a few service ticket replies knowing these closer options would be available soon, so thanks for your patience! Now that we’re launched, they’ll get responses asap.


Already had a response from Thomas just now. I’ll chat with him and see if its something that can be handled locally or not. Thanks!!

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Does GFC set the price for certain repairs and work or is it up to the respective shops?

Suppose I want to replace the tent fabric…… labor rates are different in each state and shop


While sales tax is out of our hands, we set the shop rates for service, and any warranty work will be covered no matter that location.


What about non-warranty work?

Reason why I ask is because in Montana, you install tent fabrics every day and you have it down to a science so in theory, it may take the Montana shop only two hours to do the whole she-bang while at the other shops, that kind of work will happen much less frequently and may take someone five hours to do so just because it’s not done as often

I have a brand new tent fabric that needs to go in…. It was purchased on my own and not a replacement under warranty

That’s where I’m going with this question :slight_smile:

When will an east coast option open? Cant forget about us

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We feel that concern, but the good news is that each shop is being directly trained by our team. Our long standing relationships with each, coupled with their industry expertise, has us feeling very confident in a smooth process.

Reach out to our Support Team and they’ll be able to help with scheduling.

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Well now this explains why my service request dragged out!!! Excited to see an Orange County location. See you there

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Well payed GFC!

I literally drove by the Denver shop last weekend.

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This is pretty cool news. Stellar Built in Sacramento is an awesome shop!

I was told in an email today that no warranty service is available in the Sacramento location.

We’ll definitely be doing service at our locations, including Sacramento. It’s just not available like, next week. But training service techs and building out parts inventories is on our list right after we get installs going. Being able to provide service and support at these locations is half the reason for having them.


how about a service center closer to the right coast?


You can bet we’ll be looking east real soon.


@GFC let’s get some Midwest/East coast love! While I absolutely love Montana, it’s a haul from Ohio.