GFC on an OBS Ford or Chevy?

I’d been planning to put a GFC on my 2nd generation Raptor. But I just fell hard for a 1988 F250 and I’m wondering if anyone has installed a camper on one of these square bodied beauties?

Hey Dude, that sounds like a fun time. Those older trucks are SOOOOO much easier to maintain (ALthough I’m a mopar guy so I won’t hold that against you). I bet your best option would be to reach out to the team at GFC regarding compatibility.

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really no pictures of the old girl? don’t skimp on the chrome shots

@blackhearse I don’t want to jinx myself as I haven’t bought the truck yet… But this is how it’s sitting right now, in its owner’s driveway:


Even if you went the RTT option on some bed bar system this would be an awesome rig to explore.


In related news, I stumbled across this picture of Taylor’s old rig;