GFC OWNERs Who are Veterans

US Navy, 78-84, Aircrew Photographer, last duty station NAS Moffett Field, Mountain View CA.


US Army - ‘73-‘00. 75 Inf. Regiment Mos: 11B - 11Z, last duty station Hunter Airbase, Savanah, GA.


Actively-serving Marine Mustang here… 11 years enlisted with last billet as a platoon sergeant during PHANTOM FURY. Now, I’m a judge advocate focused on military criminal law.

Waiting (not so) patiently on my GFC which should be done at the end of August.

Semper Fi,


USMC 86-94, reserve Stinger missile gunner and activated for Desert Storm/Shield, got out as E5. Just picked up my GFC on 5/27/24. Getting the hang of it, and trying not to spend too much. Like YetiX mentioned, used, because Marines always get hand me down stuff.

Looking to organize a So Cal get together with other GFC owners, likely in northern San Fernando Valley (Northridge/Chatsworth) or even possibly Santa Clarita area for morning of July 27 or Aug 8. Maybe a parking lot of a coffee or bfast spot. Any recommendations on a location, let me know and I’ll post it in the Meet Ups section.


What’s good :call_me_hand:t3:

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Howdy. Retired Army…started at the Benning School for Boys, then Lewis - Gordon - Bliss - Polk - Drum - Hood with most of time spent at Polk. Started as an Infantryman and then shifted to Signal. Currently in east TN trying my hardest to not become a full time trout bum/digital nomad.


Hey! I’ll be swinging down through the Sevierville area in mid-late August, camping with the family. Maybe you could join for a night! :metal:t3:Always fun to have another grunt around.

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