GFC Platform Camper Install question

I have a new GFC platform camper on order. It’s supposed to be delivered next month.

I received the GFC email giving instructions on the prep before delivery but I have a question regarding Duraliner bed liners. Are they compatible or do I need to remove it prior to install? It’s a below bed rail model.

Thanks in advance for your reply. I currently have a Snugtop shell that I will be removing.

FYI… it’s going to be for a 2004 Toyota Extended cab Tundra… 165,000 miles. Mostly still stock. My local Toyota dealer head mechanic wants to buy it from me… Well taken care of. Pretty much unfeasible to trade it in and buy something new. Last of the V8’s…

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Post a pic of the bed liner. The only thing that may need done is notching where the mounts are.

Hey @scmacdon - You can post a picture here for us to take a look, but the best way to get answers for questions like this is to just shoot us an email with the photo to or give us a call.

We’re lookin forward to getting this camper on that Tundra and can answer any other questions you have in the meantime.


Love seeing more 1GTundras with GFC’s!


I currently have a Snugtop shell on the truck that I will be taking off this weekend. While I’m doing that I think I will just remove the duraliner also. Has anybody done a carpet kit for the 1st gen Tundras? Ideas???

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I would like to see folks G1 Tundra builds. Bought mine new in April 2004. 165,000 miles on it now. Always has been taken care of. My local Toyota Dealership head mechanic wants to buy it off me… :laughing:

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carpet kits… I can’t find any for an 04 Tundra. Is there a Taco kit that is compatible?

4.7 liter V8 vs a new 4 cylinder with a lithium battery.

If I was buying a new Toyota, I would buy a 2022. With a V6,

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Lithium and water does not mix.

I searched all over the web for a bed liner carpet for my gen 1 had no luck but found a 6x8 outdoor rug at Lowe’s and cut it down to fit the floor with thin plywood underneath to help with the ridges in the bed

This has also been what I have found. One option is a 4’X6’ rubber mat that can be trimmed to fit. Maybe that with some sort of indoor/outdoor carpet on top of it. Thanks!

I pulled the old snugtop off this past weekend. The bed liner that I have should not be a problem. It does not extend all the way up under the bed rails. There is a gap that extends below the top of the bed rail all the way to the outer bed sheet metal. The snugtop clamps had a wedge design that fit into that same space.

I found this:

Westin 50-6245 Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat fits 1999-2006 Tundra (6.5' Bed)
Roll over image to zoom in
Westin 50-6245 .

The base. And a 4’ X 6’ of indoor/outdoor carpet on top.

I got this this week. Was kind of skeptical that it was going to fit correctly but it fits an 04 reg bed Tundra perfectly. Now going to get a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet and will use this as a template to cut it to size.

I got this and the first year it wasn’t protected from elements and it has stood up to all the abuse I have put it through. it’s over 3 years old now I even got a second to carpet the plywood dog bench in the backseat

edit: I too put it over a rubber mat the combo helps to keep stuff from sliding around