GFC Platform RTT V2 Door Bottom Fasteners

While camping in the Olympic Mountains during a wind and rain storm, I noticed a problem with the V2 RTT and the that is the fact that the rain fly doors do not zip, velcro or otherwise fasten at the bottom, enabling rain to blow up into the tent. Which it most certainly did in my experience during the wind storm; getting my wife and I wet during the night. Not cool.

My solution to the problem is magnetic buttons!

41L Magnetic Coat Buttons 26mm/1”

I sewed 6 of these on each door to fasten the bottom closed. Hoping this keeps rain from blowing up into the tent.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the GFC RTT V2, but it does seem like a silly oversight to not include a zipper along the bottom of the rain fly doors from the factory.
Nevertheless, perhaps a zipper or some cool magnetic strips fabric welded into the doors could be a great upgrade idea for the V3 RTT.