GFC platform wind skid

Does anyone have an opinion on the wind skid? Do you feel like the GFC produces a significant amount of wind noise to where you would want to buy this thing?

I haven’t felt it was necessary or heard much noise. Maybe it is more of a RTT type of accessory instead of the camper version?

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I can hear my tires more than my camper. Definitely a RTT option, not needed for the camper, but if you want it go for it. I have heard some people riding in the back complain about hard to hear, but I don’t sit back there lol.


I asked about it when I picked up my camper and was told campers don’t need them, just the tents.

Cool. I saw this pic of tacodust and it had me thinking. Maybe he got it for the look.

Personally I like the skid because it is easier to clean bugs off of the front of the camper and when you travel as much as I do, that’s a huge time saver. I am on the side of my 35" MT’s are too loud for me to hear the wind noise anyway and the hit I have taken on my MPG’s was already enough to where I didn’t see any from the camper weight or wind drag.

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Can someone with the wind skid post a detail picture of how it mounts and if there is any gap/tolerance at the top/bottom and between the skid and the extrusion?

I have my solar connectors mounted on the extrusion right now, but would love if it were easier to clean, like @Mike_GFCUSA mentioned. Just not sure it will fit.

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You might be able to run wires behind the skid and out the end. Or just keep everything above the tube?

Looking back at your post about your solar wiring, you’d have to rethink your routing. There’s no gap between the tube and the top of the skid. Might be more effort than it’s worth haha

Roger, thanks for the pictures and your thoughts. Looks like it is probably not worth the effort for me at the moment.


We have F150 6.5 ft bed and V2 camper with nothing on our 4 door cab. We feel like there is significant wind noise. May be that there is less than 2ft of camper extending over cab.