GFC Recommended Method / Tool for Washing Back Window

Can you recommend a tool to wash the back window of a Tacoma and the front window of the GFC? I have purchased a few washing tools to get those windows clean but none fit. I am assuming that this is something that has been figured out on your side. Perhaps you all could recommend what washing tool to purchase to get this job done. @GFC


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Small child arm from the sliding window in the truck is my go to method


whilst I don’t really worry about that area in particular, I use a ‘self wash’ to clean the truck and find blasting the high pressure hose thru there works pretty decent

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who washes a truck? that’s what rain is for.

I found the only that really works is loosen the mounts and slide the camper a few inches


I haven’t found anything that you can buy that works and even power washing doesn’t really do the job. Next time I wash it I’m gonna tape a sponge onto a wooden yardstick, think that might get the job done.

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Yeah, it’s been a struggle for sure. I definitely get my truck dirty, and call me crazy, but I like to see out of my back window. I also wash my truck from time to time and don’t appreciate a job almost done.

Nothing I have purchased has worked yet. My hope is that someone has figured it out, or GFC will put something together.

Can you stick a sponge on a broom handle?

I wash my truck twice a year… after winter, and after summer. Rain does the rest.

Just deleted my rear view mirror. No GFC windows, so don’t care there…

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Here’s what i use…

Works well, but there’s really no way that I’ve found to get the windows in there perfectly clear.


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I think the it would be a great option for GFC to offer the option of having a flip down, removable and sliding front window to the GFC. This is offered by pretty much all the main camper manufacturers; Snug Top, King etc…
The GFC is a exceptionally innovative and well made design and GFC is always looking for ways to improve and innovate further.

I am certain that with enough demand sent to them they could and would easily come up with a flip down, removable and sliding solution.

I have always liked having a flip down window with a slider in it.
I’ve found this very useful to have for the following reasons:

  • It serves as a pass through from the cab to the camper.
  • It provides front to back ventilation with great circulation.
  • Ability to properly clean. Although this is last on my list.
    After driving large trucks, trucks with campers and Fire Engines I really don’t look through the cab much. I use it more to see that there’s no issues with my cargo especially while off roading and hauling ass.

Hey GFC are you guys up for this?

I invented a bottle brush attached to a thin pole to solve the window washing problem. Not only did it wash the window poorly, and took a while, but the brush fell off between the camper and the truck. I am going to license my design…

I would happily pay for a panel upgrade if @GFC offered it. Window fix, power locks – general upgrade all around.

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