***GFC RTT For Sale***

I bought my GFC RTT about one year ago. I love the tent, love the set up but I have decided to go a different direction with my camping set up. So I am posting my tent up for sale. Ive only slept in it about 6 times. Zero issues. Please contact me if you are interested. Ive had lots of inquires and tire kickers, so please, serious inquires only. My email is scarletbegonias951@gmail.com , My instagram is @fluxuscreate and my cell number is 816.885.9673. it will only allow me to post one picture so please contact me for more pictures…


I am interested, how much are you looking to get? Thanks, Jamie

@scarletbegonias951 did you use the GFC LP6 light mount bracket to mount your light bar to the front extrusion?

No, I Have access to laser cutters, so I drew up and cut a bracket that I really wanted…I also didnt use the GFC “universal” mounts for the tent to the Rack either. They werent a great solution for me, so I made a completely different set up for that which works better in my opinion…

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Any chance this is still for sale?

no, this is long gone.

@scarletbegonias951- I was thinking of the same approach for moving my light bar on my 06’ tundra up once I get my build. LOVE THE MOUNTS. Looking to learn from your lead … 1.) how did you find the wind noise 2.) How did you go about running the wire for the light bar?

SOLD! My tent and rack all sold!!!

*** I didnt really notice any additional wind noise. The front of the tent and light came close to the back of my sunroof…but I didnt really notice any difference between the GFC and when I added the light bar…As far as wiring goes, I created a little trackset up that ran along the bottom of my tent towards the bed, then I ran it down in between the bed and cab then back up to the battery. I keep it all really hidden and tucked away…Never had any issues with it…***