GFC Seal Advice Needed - for transfer from one truck to another

Hello everyone,
I have purchased a GFC that was completed in June 2020. We are transferring it from one truck to another today.
My Question is do we need a new seal?
If so where can I buy one? Someone suggested Home Depot?
I have read that the seal needs to be rated for the weight of the camper, which I hear is 250lbs?

Transfer is happening in Houston, so if there are shops that sell the things I will need, please advise.

Thank you in advance for your help

Seen a few change their seal out to this which is better suited to the campers weight. Can cut a triangle out at the corners for a continuous seal rather than 3 pieces.


i would reuse the june 2020 seal, assuming the truck is the same type.

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Perfect, thank you. I was thinking the same thing, fortunately they are the same model.

I recently bought a used camper, and that ESI seal is the one I used as well. So far it seems to be holding up nicely. I have a 2nd gen and needed to put a double layer on the front (next to the rear cab window) to get the gap to close, which is standard install procedure. I have a short bed tacoma and there was enough to do the bed rails and a double layer on the front with a few ft leftover.

Alternatively, if you want to use a more similar product to what GFC uses, this TrimLok seal is an option:

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Another helpful tip I got was to get some new nylock lock nuts for the mounting brackets, as they are technically single use only. 6 half inch nylocks are less than $3 at your local hardware store, so might as well go for it!

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I bought this one for my switch between trucks

Anyone on here know what I need to do differently to mount a GFC from a 2nd Gen to a 3rd Gen?

I bought a new 2021 yesterday and now I need to pull the camper off my wrecked 2012 at the salvage yard.

I’m super short on time, so I’m hoping to reuse the bulb seal from my current truck for now and replace it later when I get home.

Eyeballing it, the front rail looks taller on the 3rd Gen. What are they doing on original installs? Building up the height of the sides? Any insights you might have? I think you moved your GFC from a 2nd to 3rd Gen right?

stoked you found a new truck. the main difference is the front seal, the 2nd gen has two - one is upside down attached to the other, you can just peel them apart and reuse one of them as the 3rd gen only need’s one. the tailgate seal is different, it a different part. can get the actual part from GFC whilst waiting we just cut down the 2nd gen (used a razor knife) one to fit.
we used 4 people to transfer it, two inside with the gfc closed, two at the rear and just walked it over. then to align the seals which took a while just had one inside it lifting (with it closed can use more legs/body) and the other sorting out the seals. id replace the nuts to the clamps either before you do this or shortly after

Perfect, thanks for the info!

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Hey everyone - This thread has been super informative, especially the links to the products was big help. But I have one question:

I have a new 2022 3rd gen tacoma. I see that people here are listing seals that are 1.5" in width, but when I measure the edge of the truck bed I see that its closer to 3".

Does the width correspond to the thickness of the GFC frame? and when installing do you just aim for the center or does it need to be biased towards one of the edges?