GFC - Solar Tray

Does anyone know anything about the GFC Solar Tray thats now on the accessories page? I can’t tell if it’s adjustable. The picture shows a 3x11 cell panel. Does it only work with that size panel?

No idea about the Solar Tray, but those black beef bars look pretty darn good.

Hey Ken,

The solar tray panels are adjustable widthwise, you can slide them side to side in the beef rack t-track to fit your solar tray. They’re about 22 inches long, so your beef rack will have to be positioned accordingly.


Can the solar tray be used to support the weight of, say, a piece of plywood and someone standing on it?

I dont know if the tray itself would, but the beef bars probably could. The beef bars are the two bars that go all the way across the camper in my original picture. The solar tray mounts to the top of the beef bars.

Yea, that is my solution. I am hoping that GFC will make attachments or trays that hang from the beef bars at some point – like the solar tray.