GFC Spot 794 (June start) for Sale - $500 - SOLD

I am selling my spot at 794 for the $500 I paid. I’m in the process of buying a spot higher up on the list. Once that transaction is finished, I’ll let my spot go. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Michael

When is your estimated build date?

Start date of June 2020

I’ll take it, check dm

I screwed up. I meant to say June was the start. Still interested? I just went back and corrected the post.

This is just a reminder that this spot is still available.

I can’t figure out how to PM on this forum. If you’ve still got it for sale, email me please. Thanks, Jon

Jon (@lookaught ),
I just had someone message me this morning about it. If that sale falls through, you’ll be next in line.