GFC spot 810 for sale $500 SOLD

Spot 810 is up for sale. Has an estimate start date of June 2020. All options can still be made by buyer.

Just making sure that’s the build date not the options date? If so I’ll take it

The build date starts around June 2020. GFC will send out the color sample options sometime in March 2020. April 2020 GFC will contact you with all your final options for your GFC camper.


If this is not sold I am interested. Please call me at (719)659-6144.


You understand that the build date will be nowhere close to your “use” date? (I happened to see that you want something done by June.)

I know that June is going to be like winning the lottery. It would be great to have it for my trip to Alaska but I will take any spot that is better then December 2020. Do you have a spot that is available? If so can you call or text the information (719)659-6144.

I already have mine, brother!

And so far, not interested in selling.

Sorry this spot has already been sold