GFC Standard #853 for sale....Sold

Things have changed for me and need to go another direction. I have the #853 standard platform that I would like to sell my position.
Asking my deposit of $500.00.


Just letting people know that when units are pre-production and not configured GFC can change a standard to an XL platform / change truck model and you just pay the extra $75 when the full build deposit is due. But GFC wanted to confirm with the number I bought so best to check first with GFC using the exact production number you’re selling/buying.

This was news to me but made my purchase of a spot possible as I went from a standard to an XL.

When is #853 expected to go into production?

I received an email a while ago that said August was the new approximate time frame…
“When you put your initial deposit down, we estimated that your build would start February 2021. I’m super stoked to inform you that we are rolling back your estimated start date to August 2020!”

Thanks for the info!

PM sent - I’ll take it if available

Interested. What’s the estimated build date?