GFC Still Building 40 Platform Campers per week?

Looks like they gave up on updating the leaderboard banner. :wink: Hopefully that means they’re choppin a lot of wood gettin-er-dun!


I noticed that lol. Been watching to see if they’d update it. Nope

They sent out an email the week before last saying Fulfillment and Production teams would be out of the office from Apr 29th - May 8th.


Hey All - @larock is spot on regarding the email notification. We have a few production breaks throughout the year to allow our teams to recharge, spend time adventuring with friends/ fam, and ponder deeply. These folks work their freakin’ tails off, and it’s always well deserved when you’re producing 40 campers/ 8 RTTs a week. We’re also hard at work expanding our ecosystem and innovating on the regular.

That said, just updated the Camper and RTT Leaderboards to avoid any confusion moving forward. We’re stoked @PDX_Keith and the rest of our forum members are so engaged, so thanks for keeping us on our toes. Now please go outside for a bit :wink: .