Gfc superlite for sale (charlotte, nc)

Hey All,

I am putting my new Superlite up for sale, I love it and as you know it is a one of a kind Launch Edition tent. Only reason I’m selling is because I’m 6’3 275 and its not quite big enough for me, my wife, and our son. You are currently not able to order this tent from GFC, and even if you could it would probably take a year to get it. The GFC Mattress was unavailable when I tried to order so I went with a 4" Hinman mattress and it is extremely comfortable.

I’m selling it for $2,000. Price is firm. I am located in the Charlotte, NC area. Please text or call me at 785.766.2626 for more info.

What’s included?
-4" high density self inflating foam composition mattress
-Custom metal rods block mounts for prinsu style rack from Fredrunner for the side windows
-Mounting Hardware

Here is the LINK to the listing on Facebook Marketplace with pictures


Still available? I’m interested. @Bearatthebeach

Hey there! Yes it is still available.

I’m in nashville… could you meet in Asheville

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Did you ever sell this? If not I am in charlotte and interested