GFC Superlite for sale - FULL package

I picked up my Superlite 3 days ago. The tent is amazing and exceeded our expectations except for one thing, at 6’6" I barely fit and my feet touch the top. It’s a difficult decision because:

  • Tent is not produced anymore and won’t be for a long time according to what GFC told me last Friday.
  • I have no other good roof top tent option because my vehicle roof dynamic load rating is 100 lbs.
    After thinking over and over we decided to sell.

We picked it up and drove to Salt Lake City, and slept 1 night in the tent on the way so it is basically LIKE NEW.

The tent comes with:

  • GFC Mattress
  • Ladder
  • Offset bracket kit
  • Original hardware

Tent is to be picked up in Salt Lake City, UT.
Again, like new condition, used only 1 night with bed sheets so we did not even touch the mattress.
Price is $2600.

I am interested and live in Orem. contact me at

Thanks for reaching out. I sent you an e-mail.

I’m interested. I live in Murray.

Hi I sent you an email

I’m in Provo, also interested.

Hi - Is this still available?

Hi sorry the tent is Sold

No worries, thanks for the reply. Cheers!

It is true GFC is no taking any NEW orders for the Superlite; however, they are still building the Superlite for those who have already ordered them. According to the GFC leaderboard updated 9/3/2021, they built 30 Superlites last week.

If you have not ordered one and are not in the cue, you cannot order one and the only way to get one is find one for sale by an individual. If you have ordered and are in the cue, GFC is working on getting those completed/filled.

Just didn’t want someone casually reading this and think GFC wasn’t making the Superlite at all. Placed orders they are working on them. No new orders.

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