GFC Superlite: How tough is it?

Hi. Just want to start a general thread discussing the GFC Superlite resistance or faults to everyday carnage. As a dude that regularly puts gear through the wringer; I like to get ahead of the curve, stay on top of maintenance, and implement mods that would prevent further damage. I think a lot of us here have a similar approach.

This discussion should highlight any issues, foreseeable issues, or praises we have on our lightweight rooftop chateaus. Example subjects:
-Winter use
-infiltration when closed when driving in a dirt road or road salt
-discoloration when exposed to excessive sun
-mold build-up and how you’ve prevented
-zipper failure
-brags about…
-how the superlite survived a gnarly tree branch
-how you’ve kept your superlite on your car for 10,000 days and it still looks brand new
-how the stable the superlite is in a major storm event
-you dropped your piss bottle in the tent but it doesn’t even smell
-you drove through an iceberg and survived several bear attacks

Thread mods: delete if unnecessary and there is already a thread on this. I just haven’t found one dedicated to the Superlite.

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There is a somewhat similar thread.

Seems the only real issues people have seen is the sun killing the elastic bands that keep the strap ends from flailing around, and applying seam sealer if you run into issues with leaks.

I just got my Superlite so I cannot comment on anything long term.