GFC Surf Rig Builds?

Anyone have a GFC that’s been outfitted for your surf adventures? Interested in seeing what others have done and I might adopt down the line.


What, exactly, are you thinking about? I have the yakima bars on top. I’m thinking of just strapping 2 or 3 boards on top. Everything else should be the same. Right? Am I missing something? I am planning to roam Baja a little bit.


You can see my build under the Build category. Cabana 706 Simple Build

I guess just curious if anyone has built out their GFC to be surf adventure ready. Not sure I have any specific asks. Was thinking I’d go with the yakima bars too. Seriously considering the Kinsmen awning. Possibly a Thule on one side of the bars.

Got it. Maybe my build gave you some ideas. Its a simple build by a simpleton. I’m trying to stay as light as possible.


Paging Dr. @WileyDavis…he takes his GFC down to Baja for surf trips on the regular. It’s one of the kinds of trips that inspired the whole brand.

Right. If he has anything to say on this I’m all ears…


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Not sure I have a whole lot of specific info. But surf was the original design intent for the GFC. Specifically in Baja. So if you have a GFC, then I’d just generally say that some of the most enjoyable surf I’ve experienced has been off the beaten path. So I usually bring a yank strap, a compressor, tire plugs, and maxtrax. That’s about all you need to go almost anywhere. I run three beef rack bars, a solar tray with a second battery to keep the fridge running. The fridge is purely a luxury. As is the Suit Sack which is made by our original head of Fabric Town and totally worth it even if it is a luxury.

I’ve heard numerous surfers say that one should never leave good surf to find potentially good surf. But I disagree. You usually only have so much time on a trip and if you always go to the same spot or stick to where it’s good, you won’t discover the heaps of rad spots the world has to offer. Risk a little to gain a lot. So for me the perfect surf rig is one I can pack up on a whim and head up or down the coast.


So I’ve spent all my summers in Montana since I was a kid, but none of my inspiration for surfing was born there. Not sure if you’re a lifelong Montucky resident or not, but you gotta be one of only a handful of kooks in MT. I’ve surfed baja for many years, but only a handful of spots and all at camalu or northward. I have a hard time breaking surfing’s golden rule, but i understand it. Exploration is great. I have some spots in mind. Spots that I’ve never been to. Spots that I really don’t know what we’ll encounter getting there.
Spots where I hope we have waves all to ourselves and don’t see anyone. Empty mediocre waves can be better that perfect swell full of people.
That spot in your photo almost looks like the bay at cuatro casas…


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Epic trip to El Salvador.


I was born and raised in San Diego. Been in MT about fifteen years now though… and my surfing these days reflects that unfortunately :frowning:

I keep meaning to put in an RV water pump and a hose sprayer into the Tacoma. Would be a nice addition for surfing.

Hey. I get it. NM here… My surfing is what it is. Mediocre. I still have fun though.

Maybe you thought of this already, but it has worked for me.

This has replaced my Downey bottles of past. Works great to remove sand from body and wetsuits. I also use it as a spraying dishwasher with my portable sink. I can get good pressure with the hand pump. Also works with warm water for showers and dishes.


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I removed the long spray end, btw. Works better for all applications.

It’s amazing how useful that cheapo sprayer is. Mine has gotten a lot mileage from showers to bike wash to dish washing!

Absolutely right about that!