GFC "sway" supposed to move a lot?

Hi All,

Quick question… I’m pretty positive the GFC platform on top of my Tacoma is designed to be able to have some “sway” when driving down the highway and what not, but I’m just curious to see what others have thought about the movement.

My Context:

I have a fly rod rack on the beef rack of the GFC and it moves a lot… but I noticed through the sunroof that it’s the GFC that moves that much causing the rack to move. I also strap a FlyCraft inflatable drift boat and it seems solid up there but once again, moves the whole GFC to the point I wanted to run by you all to get your thoughts.

I shouldn’t be concerned at all on that right?

On a side note, I love everything about the GFC!

The GFC itself doesn’t really “sway”. It’s most likely the entire truck bed moving in relation to the cab. The bed is mounted with rubber bushings to the frame, allowing the cab and bed to move independently.


A question(off-topic) about your tacoma. Are you able to open your sunroof with the GFC on there? I’m picking out a tacoma at the moment and don’t want to get a crew cab with sunroof if I can’t use it.

Not sure this is this is the right place to post this. Kindly let me know and I’ll move it.

The tacoma I’m looking at is the new TRD off-road crew cab with long bed and sunroof.

Sunroof opens no problem with the GFC on.

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Any chance you have a photo with your fly craft on top? I never thought about doing that with mine.


I also added a fly rod holder and it still fit great up there. Just two straps on the beef racks and then one over the front of the boat and just strapped to the part of the GFC that hangs over the cab. Worked really well when I had it.