GFC T-nuts woes

I see a lot of complaints about the tnuts.

I see gzilla makes them too, so it’s available elsewhere.

I also see that I can slide tnuts from the ends of the extrusion, so I’m not sure why you would need to use the ones that GFC makes. Am I missing something? I don’t see why people make this a pain point.

Not trying to disregard anyone’s experience; I want to understand it.

Have you found a regular tnut that works with the gfc extrusion? I think the issue is that no one has been able to find a standard slide in tnut that fits. And you can only use slide ins on the sides, the front and rear extrusions don’t have open ends.

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I wonder if this could work. Unfortunately, grainger won’t let anyone walk into the store :frowning: with covid and all.

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Anyone know exact dimensions of the bolts that fit the t-nuts? I want to replace with a torx bolt to reduce tampering by pesky folk

I did the same and replaced them with 10/32, 3/8 bolts

Thank you, T25 torx head I imagine?

Yeah T25 button heads. Got mine from McMaster-Carr

Just a heads up GFC makes 1/4-20 and 10/32 t-nuts, so make sure you get the correct one

I got t27 but I could find them in 10/32

different t-nuts = pita

I think - the heavy duty things use 1/4

  • RTT Mounts
  • Awning Bracket
  • Beef Racks

The lighter stuff use 10/32.

  • 90 degree mount
  • Anything you want to mount that isn’t load bearing.

McMaster Carr is unbelievable. I started using it a few months ago and find my self scrolling for stuff for hours. I just ordered $80 worth of black t25-t27 tamper resistant star head bolts with matching black washer last night to mount all the lights and accessories.

here you go @fatfurious2

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I have seen these, and the roll in ones with the ball. I might try them out, but still prepared to order 30 or so from Gzilla

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