GFC Tacoma camper wanted! Willing to pay high premium

Hey y’all I am looking for a camper for my 6ft bed Tacoma or someones spot that’s coming up soon willing to pay a high premium or extra for there camper

Thanks Danny

Hi Danny,

I have an available queue slot. #818, build imminent. They are asking for color selections now as of the first of the month. I have decided to go another route so would happy to sell the slot to you for the $500+ your offer. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Hi @PDXsurf,
When are they expecting your build date? I’m interested in your spot…

I am #818, so looking like an April/ May build date.

@PDXsurf email me at I’d like to purchase your spot

Hell yea I am definitely interested

Hi @Dsita,
Send over your email to coordinate paypal payment. This is first come first served, there are others interested, but no commitments yet. Asking $600, regular platform build. However once the deposit is transferred to you, you can change to the XL platform if you need to go that route. I will also ship you the color samples upon payment. Let me know. -Nick

Alright sweet. Text me 5169654869

You still looking? I have #527 and it’ll be done next week I’m guessing. It’s for the 6ft bed, black with orange frame. Front and rear windows and the side tent door.

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Still for sale? I’ll take it