GFC + Tacoma DCLB Sunroof?

Has anyone here installed a GFC on their Tacoma (TRD Off-Road double cab with long bed) with a factory sunroof? If so, does it prevent the sunroof from opening?

Doing some truck shopping atm and don’t want to pay for the feature if I can’t use it.

There is no interference between the sunroof on a Tacoma and the GFC.

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Awesome dude, thanks.

No issues with the sun roof. The GFC ends right at the back of the sun roof. Also no issues with the XM antenna, fyi.

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Thanks @Jewcito.

To add to this, I test drove a 2020 DCLB last week and the sunroof glass retracts under the roof. If you raise it, it will rise out of the top, but opening the sunroof causes no difference in the clearance height. There are separate buttons for raising and retracting…

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