GFC Topper + Superlite

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of having this setup vs the GFC Camper.


I wanted this setup for the longest time and probably would’ve went that route had it been an option when I got my camper. But I’m glad I got the camper. I think it will depend on how often you’ll use the tent. My biggest pro for the topper + Superlite was the ability to remove the tent but I use mine often enough and honestly barely notice its there. And when you do get to use the tent you get a better tent and the transformafloor which is the biggest pro about the camper imo.

I have the topper and Superlite combo and I love it. The Superlite is in storage until I need it, and it’s used between two vehicles. Sometimes we take my truck on camping adventures, and if we want to do some crazy off roading and camping, it goes on my boyfriend’s Jeep. We have the quick release mounts on both our vehicles, which makes it’s really easy to put on. It’s a versatile setup and works well for me. Plus, there’s no loss in MPG like with a permanent tent setup.


Kinda jealous of that two-vehicle setup, and love that you can easily take the GFC with you regardless of the vehicle.


Dude! I have that very setup but with a hitch swing. If you can, look in to one. It makes things way easier. I Can cook on my tailgate without dropping the bikes.
I Can remove the superlite on my own so I don’t run it full time like some of the overland bros :joy: but to each their own. My wife helps me put it on the truck as it takes more fineness to I stall than to remove. Photos are pre-lift*

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